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KTG Property Solutions, Inc. is a Florida based small business entity.


We accept most major credit cards with an assesed processing fee.

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Welcome to KTG Property Solutions, Inc.
For all your consultation, inspection, and RRP Certification needs

We inspect all types of buildings. Licensed and state certified to perform the inspections you need. Click here to schedule your building inspection.
Need a Lead inspection or cleaning verification? Click here to schedule your lead paint inspection.
Older buildings are more likely to have lead....
90% of pre-1940 buildings have lead
80% of pre-1960 buildings have lead
62% of pre-1978 buildings have lead
Wind mitigation inspections will help you avoid future, expensive, out of pocket expenses. Order your wind mitigation inspection today.
Roof inspections of all types Metal, Flat, Shingle, and Single Ply. Take a minute and sign up to schedule your roof inspection today.
Inspections to insure caulking and sealants are still protecting your home. This is a very important part of home and building maintenance, sign up today.

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Feel free to contact us for all your 203K Consultant, HUD Inspection, and RRP Training needs
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What is a Feasibility Analysis and why would I need one?
The answer to this question and a few more is presented in each individual’s perspective below.

From The Buyer’s Perspective – As a buyer, the feasibility analysis has a specific use. The analysis will help determine what it will cost to renovate the property to the FHA Minimum Property Standards (MPS). This helps you determine the amount to submit as your initial offer for the property. For your $250.00 fee, a HUD 203k Consultant will inspect the property and write a Feasibility Analysis. This analysis can be used as a tool when making your offer because you will know what repairs are required and what the estimated cost for doing the repairs will be. 

The seller typically is not required to pay for upgrades, just the Minimum Property Standards (MPS). Your offer might be the asking price less the cost of the MPS repairs.

You can also take the Feasibility Report and send it to local contractors for bids on the scope of work needed. Now the contractors are bidding on the same scope of work and you have a price from each one to compare.

You should talk to your realtor to find out what the average price for a similar property in the same local area would be. Deduct the cost of the required repairs and the difference is your initial offer.

From The Realtor’s Perspective
Any Realtor working in the exciting and prosperous specialty field of rehab financing, should consider the Feasibility Analysis a valuable sales tool. We recommend a Feasibility Analysis for all your listings needing repairs or up-grades. For a $250.00 fee, our 203k Consultant will inspect the property and write up the Feasibility Analysis. This analysis can then be used as a sales tool to show prospective buyers what repairs are needed to purchase the home and what the estimated repair costs will be.

Real Estate Owned (REO) agents all over the state have experienced huge success using this format to sell distressed properties. A Feasibility Analysis, in most cases will replace the Home Inspection. The cost is much less than the home inspection and may be financeable utilizing the 203k loan (check with your lender). The Feasibility Analysis will give you what you need, what has to be repaired, and the estimated cost to do the repair.

Once the buyer is interested in the property, the 203k Consultant can return to the home and complete the full 203k Work Write Up. Taking into consideration what additional repairs or upgrades your buyer may want to make to the property.

From The Seller’s Perspective – As a seller the goal is to maximize the price you sell the property for. You would order a feasibility analysis with the suggested upgrades that will maximize the finished projects appraised value. Once the information is compiled, you begin doing the math. Take the projected value after the improvements minus the cost to make all the improvements and the difference is the potential sale price. You know a 203k buyer can go to 110% of the improved properties appraised value so the feasibility analysis just became one of your sales tools.


Site Visit:

Our consultant meets with the borrower at the site.
An examination of the work to be done determines if the project is feasible.
If the project is feasible, the client signs a Consultant Agreement and pays a $400 retainer

The consultant prepares a detailed Work Write-Up containing:

A clear, concise project specification
A construction cost analysis
HUD required draw request forms
We Prepare the contractor's bid packages
We Prepare the lender packages

The consultant delivers the Work Write-Up Package as required to the:


The selection of a Contractor is made by the Borrower:

The Borrower selects a contractor.
Borrowers should be aware that many lenders may have contractor qualification criteria. Some lenders maintain a list of contractors that have met their qualification criteria.
Discuss contractor selection with your lender to learn about their contractor requirements. If you’re considering a contractor which has not yet been approved by your lender or has never done a 203(k), it is important that they are informed early on about the 203(k) concept as it applies to contractors.

The Loan Closes:

Repair funds are placed in escrow.
Remodeling begins.

The consultant performs draw request inspections:

1st Draw - Consultant insures permits were issued.
2nd, 3rd, and 4th Draw - Draw request inspections are performed as work progresses. A punch list is established.
5th Draw - The project is closed out and warranties and lien releases collected.

RRP class schedule and pricing is listed first when we have a class is scheduled.

Consultation and inspection pricing may vary, every project is unique.
The prices listed are for budgeting purposes only.

RRP Class Schedule and Pricing

RRP Class Date and Number


Payment link for PayPal

To Be Anounced

To Be Anounced

$250.00 Each

203K Consultant price schedule

203K Repair Amount

Low End Pricing

High End Pricing

$5000 - $7500
$7501 - $15,000
$15,001 - $30,000
$30,001 - $50,000
$50,001 - $75,000
$75,001 - $100,000
$100,000 and up
Plan Review
Quality Inspection for Banks
Draw Request Fee
Independant Consultant
Mileage over 20 miles 1 way

If  your report is a 203K write up or a home / building inspection you can download your report here.

Just click on the report number, download it, and enter your password to view the report in PDF format.

Inspection date

Inspection Number

Inspection Location

Special Notes and Confirmation

Boca Raton, FL 33487
This is where you find a link to your report. You will be issued a password to view the document and contents.





  • Tim Cooprider



I’m Tim,
Inspector and Trainer
at KTG Property Solutions, Inc. 



I am a resident of South Florida, a State Certified Building Contractor CBC1251651 and State Certified Roofing Contractor CCC1326365, Licensed Insurance Adjuster P158468, State Licensed Home Inspector HI553, EPA Certified Renovator R-I-18349-09-0026, RRP Lead Based Paint Certification Instructor, a Federally Approved 203K Consultant, and a Federally Approved HUD Inspector; now you know a little about your inspector.

Along with KTG Property Solutions, Inc. I am also the founder of 21st Century's Handyman Services, President of 21st Century Construction, Inc. and on the board of director at P&A Welding and Machine, Inc.

I am well versed in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Visual Basic and VBA programming, MS Office, all of the ADOBE products for the office and the web, form filled spreadsheet and web site design, and do all of the in house design work for KTG Property Solutions, Inc. and 21st Century Construction, Inc.
I had the pleasure of being the manufacturing and installation contractor for the structural steel portion of many multi-story buildings (14 floors is the record so far for a set of stairs), Project manager for Launch Pad renovations / Launch Support equipment at Cape Canaveral, and enjoy assembling racing vehicles seen on the Monster Truck, Circle track, and Drag racing circuits.

I offer my 35 plus years of experience and knowledge to each of our customers and every student taking any of our classes.

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How is my inspection scheduled?

We schedule our inspections in the order they come in. Go to the welcome page and choose the inspection you need. Click on the link and fill out the form. Even during our busy season we try to get back to you with a schedule within 48 hours.

When do the inspections start?

Our inspection begins as soon as we turn into your drive. We begin looking at the roof, fascia, siding, topography of the lot, landscaping, and many more features the average person overlooks when pulling into your residence.

What do I need to bring to the inspection?

All you really need to bring with you is a good idea what you expect from the inspection. Actually you don’t even need to be present as long as your representative knows enough about the building to get us into all the rooms, attic, crawl space, etc.

How long is the inspection?

Each inspection is different and the time it takes will depend on your answers during the initial conversation when we set the appointment.

How do I get my inspection report?

Click on the Inspection Report page then scroll down until you see your inspection number and address. Click on the link to download the report, enter your password, and download your report.

Is it true you will return my inspection fee if am not satisfied with my inspection report?

YES WE WILL! We will return your inspection fee if the inspection was not done satisfactorily, the inspector was not thorough, or the report was not what we promised; we WILL NOT return the inspection fee because the results are not what you wanted because the inspection revealed something derogatory about the building.


What are some of the misconceptions about the 203K Program?

Almost everyone we speak to about the FHA 203(k) loan program thinks this is a new program.

This is not true!

The rehab loan program was a product of the early 1960’s, so it is not as new as one may think.
We have also been told the program is for government assisted, low income, or subsidized housing and to qualify the property must be a poor property in a bad neighborhood.

Again, this is just not true!

With a basic standard mortgage limit for a single family home of $271,050.00 and a high cost limit of $729,750.00 here in Palm Beach County, Florida this conception is totally incorrect.

The program was designed to help the average home buyers refinance a home, or purchase a home in need of repairs and get access to the money needed to do the necessary repairs.

Like most under advertised and little known programs, it was not being used like it could be, so a few changes were implemented. In 1994 "the 203K consultant" was introduced in an effort to stimulate the program and take the mystery out of the loan process. Through your 203K Consultant, you have assistance from a professional that will help get you through the myriad of paperwork needed to complete a 230K transaction.

With current loan limits this high you can literally get a single family home, a 2 unit, 3 unit, or 4 unit building in almost every neighborhood in America. The 203k is an incredible loan program designed to be used anywhere in the United States.


How is your class scheduled?

We schedule our classes at the location of your choice. We need a minimum of 5 students to come to your location. If your requirements are less than 5 students or you need a single student certified please contact Seagull Environmental at http://web.me.com/seagull.seagull/seagulltraining/ or by phone at 800-966-9933

When do classes start? 7:45 AM

The EPA mandates that we are within 15 minutes of our syllabus at all times during the course. The first 30 minutes are spent taking pictures for the photo ID and filling out the required registration and hands on forms.

What do I need to bring?

All you really need to bring with you is an ‘Open Mind’ – along with a driver’s license or valid photo ID showing your name and age. We provide all materials as needed throughout the course. 

How is the class taught?

We’d like to think the class is presented in a dynamic and exciting manner. We offer professionally produced, DVD interactive material, experienced and ‘dynamic’ instructors, highlighted with physical hands-on activities - not offered by most other course providers. 
Overall, we feel it’s presented in a fashion for you to best ‘visualize’ and understand your responsibilities for these types of projects you may face in the future. 

What if I don’t read English well?

The course is presented in English, and at this time, we do not have bilingual instructors, so ‘at-a-minimum’ you must be able to read English well enough to get a passing grade on the final exam. 

How long is the class?

We usually finish the course instruction around 4:15pm. Then we get right to the final exam. The EPA mandates the course be 8 training hours.

Do I really have to take a test?

Yes. It’s a 50 question, multiple choice exam. A test grade of 70% is needed to pass. We will provide additional time, assistance and instruction - if you have special needs, to ensure everyone is given the best opportunity to obtain certification. 


What does the class cost?

The RRP course is $250. This price covers the cost for you to attend our class and obtain a certification as an “EPA Certified Renovator.” The certification we provide is issued to YOU as an individual (eg Robert Smith), not to an Organization or Company. 

How can I pay for this?

Choice #1 Call or email us for a class schedule link and click on the Confirm Your Class Here link in the email we send you. The form the link takes you to will ask for your name, phone number, email address, and class number and date. At the bottom of this form, click on ‘SUBMIT’ and you will be taken to a PayPal, where you can provide the information as needed to process payment via a Credit or Debit Card.

Choice #2 Bring cash on the day of your class, sorry no checks or credit card that day!

So the $250 is all I have to pay?

Unfortunately, No. To be in full compliance, the Company you work for (or if you are one of the owners) has to be ‘registered’ with the EPA. This registration will cost ‘an additional’ $300 (for most Companies). Please note, the $300 goes directly to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which, of course - is part of our Federal Government. As a courtesy, during the course registration, we will provide you with an explanation of the form and how to fill it out. However, we CAN NOT fill it out or send it in for you. This must be submitted by a representative of your organization. 


When do I get my Certification?

During the class, you will hear the instructor explain how to fill out the forms and what to watch for when filling them out. It is important to write legible and fill the form out correctly. If the person next to you fills the forms out incorrectly, it will hold up your certificate because we turn the paperwork in as a class, not as individuals.
After the class, your hands on score and test information will be assembled, processed, and sent to the proper authorities. However, there will obviously be an increased volume of certifications as we head towards the April 22, 2010 deadline. We do not have complete control over all aspects of processing the certifications and picture ID’s. 
So PLEASE - be patient. It may take up to 4 weeks or more to get your ‘Certified Renovator’ card in the mail. 
Rest assured, everything possible will be done by KTG Property Solutions and the EPA to get your Certified Renovator’s ID to you as quickly as possible. By the way, the certification will be sent to the address you provided on the ‘Registration Form’ given to you at the beginning of class. 
(If it’s not the same address you used when you paid for the course, don’t worry – that will be your opportunity to change it).
On behalf of KTG, we would like to sincerely extend our gratitude for your interest in taking the course with us. We hope …this section of our web site has answered your questions.